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    Around. Her arms flopped all around, but she never covered her pits. "Heheeeheheheheee, it's been more than 5 minutes..ahahaha.." she giggled. "Oooh, now, not even half a minute", I responded, starting to move down the ribcage in a circular motion. Flipping the massagers on hi, I stuck them both in her tummy. "EEEEEEEHEHEHEEEHEHEHEHEHEEEE!!!!!" she screamed, as I felt her wiggling underneath me. "No more tickling, haha no morehahahaha!" "Oh, is that tickling you?" I teased, "How about I turn them off?" "Yessssss!" "Okay!" I said, turning them off, and then using ...

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- and soon, she had tied up the now topless Georgia! Reena didn't want to really 'punish' her or 'teach her a lesson' - but she wanted to get some answers about the flirting! So she found herself tickling the pretty bindee - and pulling her clothes even further down! Naturally, Georgia laughed out loud, almost without being able to stop! Reena, not sure what she was doing, found herself compelled to not only tickle her underarms, but her inner thighs as well! Georgia was giggling and wiggling, ...

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Than my two fingers. She wasn't going to like it, but tough break. She was going to take it. And she was going to have to get used to having things in her ass, because I was planning to put them in there a lot from now on. I lubed it up good also, and slowly pushed the tip into her dark hole. It was a snug fit, but because of the lube and the stretching by my fingers, it went in fairly easily. She was trying hard to stand still, but I could tell that this was difficult ...

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On breast, nipple, taped open pussy, calculating your blows with care and deliberately alternating hard, medium, soft, so as to keep me guessing what would come next, mixing these with delightful nibbles and kisses all over my body. Suddenly it all stopped. You spoke to me telling me how wonderful this was and confirmed I was still ok with all this. I answered, but in a hushed voice; trying to discover within myself how I truly felt about it. I knew whatever my mind decided, ...

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Her breasts, which were still in the bra. Marie shook out her hair and reached down to briefly run her hands over Walt's large frame, then reached back to unhook her bra. She slipped it off her shoulders, and leaned forward, offering Walt a nipple to suck, which he took greedily. Then, pulling back just in time to control herself (and us), Marie issued new orders. "Could someone get me my cigarettes?" Walt stood up and stepped over to the night table. He returned with the pack of smokes and lighter, tapped out a cigarette and handed it to Marie, who mouthed it and waited ...

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Anything other than vanilla from me, but she did like a lot of sex. It never occurred to me before to ask why. I tried to look back for other indicators, but I really saw nothing concrete, just suspicions. Then I came around to the fact that I really was pissed and humiliated. It was a juvenile maneuver to bring me on TV. I have a job and friends and a life that had been difficult to deal with over the past week. I took some solace in the fact that everyone in town already knew that she was a slut anyway and at least I could control the situation now. There was the big ...

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Captive cowgirl to the La-z-Boy in our family den, but I don't believe she expected to be tied up as tight as she was...and she really went into panic mode when I asked her just how ticklish she was. I honestly don't think the thought ever entered her mind that this was what I had in store...or if it did she gave no indication, because as soon as I stated my intentions she began struggling like the house was on fire, threatening me with every retaliation she could think of. Between my siblings and myself, we gave her the tickling of her young sweet life. ...

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That I wasn't a crazed psycho waiting to gun him down on the front lawn and told him to bring a bottle of good wine. He was single, tall and fun loving. I was sure that my wife would respond to him again. My first stop was the porn shop a few towns over. They had toys as well as videos and mags and I went right to the BDSM section. It didn't take me long to locate the things that I was looking for. A small ball gag and a medium sized butt plug. We had tried anal sex on occasion, but not really with any ...

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